Wedding hairstyles to wear with a one shoulder dress

Asymmetric wedding dresses are a really flattering style and the trend is still popular this year. At Vintage Styler we are often asked what is the best hairstyle and accessories to compliment this trend. Most often we are asked 'will a veil work with a one shoulder dress'. So, here are our tips and advice for those of you brides-to-be going for the one shoulder look
  • A dress with one shoulder will often have detailing like embroidery, crystals or ruffles on the strap. Make sure that you choose a style to show off the detail. Try a low side bun or side ponytail to the opposite side to add balance to the overall look.  or if you like the feel of having your hair down, simply just sweep your hair over to the side if your hair is long enough, and pin in the centre to keep it in place.
  • A traditional veil in longer lengths can be worn with an asymmetric hairstyle and look beautiful. We'd suggest keeping the veiling quite classic to prevent it competing with the detail on the back of your dress. If you are worried about this look, try a short birdcage veil worn slightly off centre. Tulle birdcage veils are a gorgeous 'in between' if you like that traditional tulle veil look more than the french net.

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  • Don't be afraid of wearing your hair down, it can add a stunning backdrop to the dress.  Add some large barrel curls or soft waves to give added volume and texture. Alternatively, try sweeping your hair over to the side if your hair is long enough, and pin in the centre to keep it in place.


  • Why not gather hair up centrally at the nape of the neck or towards the middle of the back of the head, and accessorise with a classic hair bandspretty hair pins or a side tiara to one side to accentuate the side detail of the dress. This way you can wear your veil as normal without worrying if it suits an off-centre hairstyle.

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  • Even short hair can be put up. If you have a shoulder grazing bob which might cover or catch in some of the side detailing, it is often possible to loosely curl your hair and pin it to one side for an effortless look. Don't disregard the option of an up-do if your hair is on the shorter side, just ask your hairdresser. Add a simple comb or flower to finish the look 
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  • If your one shoulder dress has large ruffles or dramatic detailing, keep accessories minimal such as a small sparkly comb or pretty fabric flower like our Orla hairpiece.

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  • High buns can look stunning to show off your whole neckline and one shoulder detail, and particularly accentuates a fishtail shape. Try piling your hair up high and add a simple comb or tiara. This style works perfectly with a traditional veil placed either below the bun, above if you prefer more of a dramatic and volumous look, or if you prefer to wear it over your face.
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  • Think about the back of the dress. If the shoulder detail comes across the back of the dress too, try to keep that in mind and choose an up style which will show that off. When you walk down the aisle, everyone will be able to see that detail at the back. A high ponytail or any style of bun will achieve this look perfectly.


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  • Remember that your hairstyle must be something that suits you, and something that you feel comfortable in. Never choose a hairstyle purely because it compliments the dress, if it doesn't suit your face shape it won't look quite right. Ask advice from you hair stylist to make sure you try out lots of style to get the perfect style!
Please get in touch or leave a comment if you need any help or advice with choosing your accessories or hairstyles to suit a one shoulder dress! Torn between a one shoulder dress or a high neck one? See our guide to choosing your perfect hairstyle for a high neck wedding dress here!