Can I wear a maxi dress to a wedding? 6 long dresses that are wedding guest appropriate!

Can I wear a maxi dress to a wedding?

It's that time of year again - wedding season! If, like me, you have quite a few weddings to attend this year as well as a couple of days at the races - the outfit options become a bit limited and it's tempting to opt for a stylish maxi for at least one of them! We've often discussed wedding guest attire 'etiquette' at VS HQ, is it ok to wear white to a wedding, is it ok to wear black, how short is too get the idea. So, can you wear a maxi? A lot of very traditional opinions say that only the bride should wear a long dress - but we're not sure we agree. Brides over recent years are not always guaranteed to wear a long dress after all.

The verdict?

We say it's totally appropriate! A few hints however - try to steer clear of white or cream or any shade you would consider to be bridal. Avoid heavy sparkles or lace, and make sure the maxi isn't one you'd wear on a beach holiday. Personally, I would also avoid anything that's plain and all one colour (colour block is fine) as you run the risk of looking like you might be a bridesmaid. Patterns tend to be a bit safer and avoid this. Long sleeved maxi's also gain extra plus points if you're off to a wedding in cooler months and the legs aren't quite summer-ready just yet. Tip: In terms of choosing a colour for your dress, take your lead from the save the date or invitation colour scheme and the likelihood is that if you avoid those colours, you won't end up matching the bridesmaids.  Here are our picks of our 6 favourite maxi's that are perfect for a 2015 wedding guest Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.28.33 Y.A.S Maxi Dress at ASOS £60 Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.31.11 Virgos Lounge Serena Dress £95 Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.21.47 ASOS floral crop maxi dress £120 Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.06.41 Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.06.50 Coast Lyla Stripe Maxi Dress £165   Screenshot 2015-03-26 11.28.26 Screenshot 2015-03-26 11.28.36 Embellished Black Floral Maxi Dress by Needle & Thread at £200 Screenshot 2015-03-26 12.49.27 Floral Print Column Maxi Dress by Karen Millen £250 Maxi's are perfect to wear for a wedding guest and also for the races! See our post on what to wear to the grand national for some more outfit inspiration!