10 Wedding Nail Inspirations

Need nail inspiration for your big day? Make your nails part of your wedding outfit, whether it be with classic nude tones or bolder prints and patterns; we've picked our top trends for nail art to help inspire. 

Before deciding on the colour and pattern for your digits, the first step should be  deciding the shape. This is a complete personal preference, although bear in mind that you want to prevent your nails snagging your dress.  If you choose a more angular shape, such as the square then consider asking for the corners to be rounded slightly to prevent catching. 

The last thing to consider before launching into the style, is the best time to get your nails done.  Avoid doing your nails on the morning of your wedding, it will only add stress and time pressures on an already busy day. We'd recommend going for a gel or shellac nail for your big day - this quick drying, long lasting and ultra strong varnish is a miracle worker. This removes any concerns about chipping or breakage and means you can book-in a few days in advance of the day (ideally 1-2 days before).  It will ensure a professional finish and gives you the option to be more playful with colours and patterns. 

So now to the fun bit...choosing your style! We've pulled together 10 options to help inspire. 

1) The Bouquet Match 

If you're thinking of adding a splash of colour to your nails but not sure which colour to pick then why not try a complementary tone to your bouquet.  This will help ensure your nails reflect the styling of your day and complement your overall theme. 



2) The Modern French

Refresh the traditional french manicure and give it an updated twist. Replace traditional white tips with metallics, glitter or a reserve french for a more modern take on this classic style. 

3) Something Blue

Struggling to incorporate something blue into your wedding day? Why not use your nails as the canvas and add a splash. We suggest sticking to either softer pastel blues or going dark with a navy focus. Brighter shades such as cobalts and other mid-tones could contrast against your gown creating a disjointed look in pictures. 


4) Ombre

This contemporary technique allows you to introduce and play with nail colours but in a softer and more subtle way. Either use graduating tones down the individual nail or across the nails on your hand. 

5) Valentine Reds

Red is becoming a popular choice for bridal nails. It allows brides to add a strong splash of colour but in a timeless way that won't date.  Whether you choose an all over rouge or just an element of red...there is a style and shade for everyone. 


6) Prints 

Who said wedding nails need be boring?! If your ready to be bold, then why not dabble in some geometric prints or poker dots to create a statement nail. Either go all out with bold colours or soften it slightly with whites and pastels. 


7) Pretty in Pink

If pink is part of your colour scheme then use it to add a playful spin to your nails. The versatility of pink means you can be as subtle (think nude based tones) or as bold (experiment with fuchsias) as you want - try adding a glitter overlay for the ultimate romantic look. 



8) Black Tie

Black tie and evening weddings are a stunning way to get married and allows the bride to look at different styles for her big day - including her dress and nail options. Think golds, navy, greys and pinks for a decadent look. 


9) Pastel Heaven 

An easy way to incorporate playful colour is with pastels, either keep it simple with neutral and muted tones or brighten it up with bolder shades and patterns.  This is perfect for spring weddings. 


10) Embellishment 

Nails are a blank canvas and can be created into miniature works of 2D and 3D art. For the more daring out there, here are few more detailed designs to consider...


We'd love to hear how you would style your nails on your wedding day so feel free to leave your comments and ideas below. 

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