Must Know Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

It's one of the biggest days of your life and you want it to be it's tempting to try and incorporate every tradition, old wives tale, lucky charm and ancient superstition to ensure your day runs smoothly, just in case you tempt fate right?! Whether you believe in them or not, your wedding day is likely to be steeped in tradition, so here are our top 10...

1) Something Blue - the association with the colour blue on your wedding day symbolises a brides loyalty to the groom. A wedding garter is often an essential wedding accessory for a bride. Your garter is an easy way of incorporating 'something blue', with many featuring a blue ribbon or crystal, alternatively you can hand stitch blue lace or ribbon into the lining of your dress or choose an amazing pair of shoes with a hint of blue.  

2) Horseshoe - a horseshoe symbolises good luck and is often given as a gift to the bride straight after the ceremony. The horse shoe is secured with ribbons and worn over the brides wrist - it's important to make sure it is always in the U position and not worn upside down ensuring it can 'catch' the good luck!

3) Lucky Sixpence - it's supposedly good luck for the bride to wear a silver sixpence in her shoe for the wedding ceremony.  Stemming from the rhyme 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe', a sixpence was traditionally given to the bride by her father and worn in the left shoe to symbolise prosperity for the future marriage.  This tradition is not as prominant as it once was but we love it and think a lucky sixpence makes a perfect little gift for the bride.  



4) A White Wedding - it is thought that brides traditionally wore white to symbolise their purity, however this actually only became popular in the UK during Victorian times to demonstrate the brides families wealth. Until then, brides just wore their 'best' outfit. Colourful and alternative wedding dresses are becoming more popular but heed the following rhyme before making your choice:

5) Confetti was traditionally thrown over the couple to aid fertility. Originally rice was used as confetti but this has more recently been replaced with petals, paper confetti or more creative ideas such as balloons filled with feathers or petals.  Make sure you check if the venue / church has a policy on confetti as some only allow biodegradable versions. 


6) The Cake is one of our favourite traditions, not only do they look amazing but they taste even better. It was originally tradition that the top tier (made of fruit cake) should be saved for the christening of the first child. It was also thought that any single females should take their cake home and sleep with it under their pillow. They would apparently dream of their future husband.  

7) Groomsmen and Maids - It's tradition for the groom to remove the brides garter and toss it to the bachelors at the wedding (similar to the bouquet toss for the bride). Traditionally the bachelor who catches the garter should have a dance with the person who catches the bouquet. 

8) Engagement Ring - it is considered bad luck for the bride to remove her engagement ring before the wedding day. Wedding and engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left hand, third finger because it was originally thought that a vein ran from this finger directly to the heart. 

9) Crossing the Threshold - It is bad luck if the bride trips or stumbles into her home after the wedding, hence the tradition for the groom to carry her over the threshold. 

10) The Veil - a veil was traditionally worn to ward off evil spirits before she married. The theory was that if the bride could not be seen then they would be unable to place any curses on the marriage. Similarly, the addition of bridesmaids was originally meant to confuse the spirits as to who the bride was, preventing any bad luck being place on the bride herself. Originally bridesmaids used to wear similar dresses to the bride to further confuse the spirits. 




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