The art of matchmaking - hairstyles and accessories

For the vintage loving bride-to-be, the hunt for the perfect vintage hair accessory is at once exhilarating and exasperating. Your magpie instincts become perfectly honed, and once you’ve found it, you just know. The elation this discovery gives us is short lived though, as the next treasure hunt begins – the perfect hairstyle to match! Down, up, curly, straight, glamour-puss, natural... it’s enough to send a bride-to-be to despair! To help salvage some of your sanity, Vintage Styler Director and Bridal Hair Stylist Amy Clutterbuck lets you in on some top styling tips to complement gorgeous vintage hair accessories. Today we’re talking combs and side tiaras, with more accessory styling tips to follow soon! The Comb A jewel or pearl encrusted comb such as Debbie Carlisle Bouquets Vintage Pearl Deco Comb gives an effortless touch of vintage glamour to your bridal look. The comb also has an added bonus of versatility, as does the gorgeous and ever popular freshwater pearl and crystal comb from Leigh-Anne McCague. Reposition your vintage style comb throughout your big day to transform your look from day to night. The lovely Vic has the perfect hairstyle to wear with any vintage comb. If you’re wearing a veil with this hairstyle, the comb will cover up the join and create interest at the back. If you choose not to wear a veil, or you take it off, the comb can be the focal point of the hairstyle for the day, and then moved elsewhere to change your evening look! Vic For our vintage brides-to-be blessed with long, thick hair, the equally lovely Vicky’s style will complement a statement comb such as Jo Barnes Vintage’s gorgeous Myra Comb flawlessly, wherever it is placed! The side tiara The weapon of choice for all aspiring vintage princesses. For a tiara look with a twist, choose a side tiara such as the gorgeous Lucinda Double Band Side Tiara. Wear an asymmetric ponytail like this stunning bridesmaid below on the opposite side to the tiara and you will balance the style to create a unique and elegant vintage look. They also look great with short hairstyles such as the lovely Claire wearing 60's style VS favourite Bow Side Band by Fabledreams – a side fringe opposite to the interest on the tiara and height behind will balance the look for a striking and elegant style. Side Tiaras also look wonderful with dresses which have detailing to one side. Ruching, clusters of sparkles, fabric flowers at the hip, one shoulder straps – they’ll all look gorgeous with the Side Tiara. Which style is your favourite? Are you planning on something similar for your wedding? Get in touch, or leave us a comment to help inspire other brides-to-be!

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