The garter demystified

We love it when new treasures arrive at Vintage Styler, and garters are no exception! We’re incredibly proud to stock a wide range of Florrie Mitton’s gorgeous handmade vintage garters, and now we’re delighted to welcome lovely new arrivals from the A Alicia Wedding range, hand-crafted from vintage fabrics and brooches. Champagne garter with vintage pearl brooch Today, garters are a wedding staple and are becoming more and more beautiful and ornate. Lace garters, silk garters, pearl garters... ivory garters, blue garters, white garters... whatever your style, there will be one out there for you! But why are they such an established wedding tradition? We love wedding trivia, so we turned to our good friend Wikipedia to find out. Tossing the garter The tradition of tossing the garter is said to stem from the belief that taking an article of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. Poor brides in the middle ages would be pounced on by the groom’s men fighting to get her garter, and her beloved dress (and nerves!) was often torn in the process! Cue the birth of tossing the garter– damage limitation! Just like the tossing of the bouquet, whichever man catches the garter is supposed to be the next to marry. However, we’re sure that men catching the garter won’t ever compare to the mad scramble of ladies fighting to catch the bouquet! So there you have it – the garter tradition de-mystified. Our quest for wedding trivia didn't stop there though, as we stumbled upon some more unusual customs from around the world. Finland, Italy and Romania - we want to come to one of your weddings to witness the excellent customs you'll see below! Finland Brides-to-be carry a pillowcase door to door to receive wedding gifts, accompanied by an older married man who shelters her with an umbrella. This is said to symbolise protection of the bride. Italy An old Roman custom subjected rejected suitors to being pelted with nuts by the bride as she left the ceremony! Romania Bride kidnapping! The bride is kidnapped by friends and taken to a club where the groom is forced to negotiate a price for his new bride to win her back! Will you be observing any quirky wedding traditions? Or will you be defying conventional traditions altogether? Get in touch or leave a comment below to let us know!

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