Something old, something new

Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe. Arguably the most enduring wedding tradition of all. The last line may be less familiar, but the presence of 'sixpence', an old English coin, hints at its English roots. The poem is said to originate in Victorian England and encourages the bride to carry each item in the poem to ensure her marriage is blessed with good fortune. Some brides choose something different to represent each item, or some choose items that combine 2 or more. We’re in love with our soon-to-arrive garters from A Alicia Wedding, and as each one is made using genuine vintage necklaces, brooches and lockets, with some available in blue, it could be your Something Old, New and Blue all at once! A Alicia Wedding Superstitious or not, few brides-to-be would dare defy this tradition, and seek sentimental and creative ways of representing it within their own weddings.   To inspire you, we reminisce with Vintage Styler Director Amy to find out how she interpreted the tradition on her own special day. Something Old Wearing something old is said to ensure continuity with the bride’s family and past. Amy’s ‘Something Old’ was a pair of beautiful pearl earrings that belonged to her childhood next-door neighbour Joanie, who Amy looked upon as a Grandmother.  Rather than wearing them traditionally, Amy chose to attach the earrings to her beautiful bouquet. This did however mean that she was unable to partake in another wedding tradition of tossing the bouquet, much to the dismay of her unmarried guests ;) Something Old.. Something new Symbolising optimism for the bride’s new life ahead, Amy wore lots of new treasures, but her showcase ‘something new’ was a stunning Jenny Packham gown. Something Borrowed Your ‘something borrowed’ item is said to bless the bride’s marriage with good fortune from the marriage of a close friend or family member. Amy’s Mum has been happily married to Amy’s Dad for 38 years, so for Amy’s wedding day, she lent her these amazing diamond earrings which actually match her own engagement ring! Diamonds are certainly a girl’s best friend in their family. Something Borrowed... Something Blue Wearing something blue is an ancient symbol of loyalty, purity and a declaration that you will remain faithful to your husband.  We absolutely LOVE Amy’s ‘something blue’, which is subtly nestled in the sole of a stunning pair of Christian Louboutins. Something Blue... How will you be observing this tradition? Or will you be defying it altogether? As always, get in touch or leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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