Bridal Hairstyle - Elegantly Up!

Wearing your bridal hair up in a classical bridal hairstyle is a lovely way to keep your look traditional. For a modern twist on this wedding hairstyle, try keeping it slightly more messy, with a 'just threw it up' look! We love this winter bride's style, with a wedding hairstyle for long hair which is kept loose and natural for a up to date take on the traditional bridal barrel-curl hairstyle. Keeping her wedding hair up, and the front away from her face reduces the risk of the bridal style getting blown away in the winter wind and rain! We just love this super fine veil which allows the bridal hair style to be shown off through it, and also it's light-weight will prevent the wedding hair style from getting squashed. Always bear in mind when you choose your veil, that the heavier it is, the more likely it is that your hairstyle will flatten so choose a wedding hair style with structure to support the weight. Her gorgeous pearl combs sets off the wedding hairstyle perfectly. It's simplicity sets off the detail on her dress without going over the top, just neatly slotted in just above the veil, means that when the veil is removed after the meal, the comb sits on it's own above the curls and really stands out, making a feature of her bridal hair style. Get Vic's look...with Vintage Styler's Lula Vintage bridal comb by Jo Barnes. A stunning combination of pearls and crystals, and is versatile enough to wear any way you like! As always, get in touch if you would like any complimentary bridal hairstyle advice or if you have any questions about any of our pieces!

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