Bridal Hairstyles with Structure

When you choose your bridal hairstyle, remember that you need to take into account your veil. If you have gone for a short to elbow length fine veil you can go for any style you like. These veils don't squash the bridal hair style because of the light weight of them, and they look fabulous slotted in at the nape of the neck, just under the wedding hair style. If you have gone for a full length, lacey spanish style veil try to go for a wedding hairstyle which has enough structure to support the weight of it. This bride chose a large high bun bridal hairstyle which is the perfect hairstyle for brides who need something to hold the weight of a heavy veil. A sparkly brooch positioned at the back of this bride's hairstyle makes a change from tradition, adds interest and could be a fantastic way to incorporate your something old! Wearing this smooth style bun in a low version is a great way to wear your wedding hair if you prefer something slightly more relaxed than the high version, but need to keep that structure for the purpose of the veil. A low version of this wedding hair style to the side, is a lovely twist, and is perfect for bridesmaids hairstyles too, to offset the bride's hairstyle. Get the Look...with Vintage Styler's collection of bridal combs to complimemt your bridal hairstyle! Do you need help or advice with your bridal hairstyle? Do you have a veil and not sure how to wear it? Ask our bridal hair stylists a question for free advice!

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