Bridal Hairstyles for short hair

There's something about getting engaged which causes bride's-to-be to suddenly go into a frenzy about growing their hair as much as they possibly can to get the perfect wedding hairstyle. And similarly, after the big day has been and gone, a rush to get their hair chopped again. The pressure to have a 'bridal' look shouldn't mean that brides have to get into a panic about the length of their hair, if you have short hair all the time, then why look different on the big day? The key is to make sure you look like 'you' but more polished! Our advice is, don't panic, think about what you want to see in years to come when you look back on your wedding pictures, and go for a wedding hairstyle you will feel most comfortable with. Wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair can look fantastic in a number of ways. Short hair which is normally straight and smooth, can look gorgeous and really different in a bridal hairstyle with loose curls and lots of volume, and looks fabulous with a sparkly central headpiece such as our new Carmen Headband by Jo of our new favourites! Simply keeping your hair blowdried smooth with some height can be really effective. Remember, once you add a hairpiece, veil and all the finishing touches, your look is instantly bridal so don't worry about going for something this simple. Sometimes less is more when it comes to wedding hair! And, with a simple bridal hairstyle you can afford to go for something a bit more extravagant with your accessories to balance it! Try something like our Audrey headband by Jo Barnes for a statement piece. You never know, it might go up! This bride had just below jaw length hair, and it went up beautifully into a simple chignon bridal hairstyle. Give it a go! Set off with a lovely side headband like our Bijou headpiece by Debbie Carlise, you would never know this bride didn't have lengths of hair! If you're longing for a down wedding hair style with lots of volume but your hair won't grow quickly enough, temporary clip-in extensions are always an option. Keep them as natural as possible and make sure your stylist is able to work with them. Get in touch if you'd like any help or advice choosing your bridal hairstyle or accessories!

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