Vintage Birdcage Veils

Birdcage veils are an easy way to add that touch of vintage inspiration to your bridal look. They are so easy to wear, and if you're not a traditional bride, but still want to wear a veil on your big day then a birdcage veil is perfect! At Vintage Styler we stock a range of easy to wear white birdcage veils and ivory birdcage veils. They come simply on their own and can be placed where you wish and pinned into the hair style. This also makes our birdcage veils the ideal veil to wear with any type of wedding hair accessory you wish, as they can be placed underneath any bridal hair comb, bridal tiara or wedding headband.We think they look fab underneath the Vivien bridal hairpiece, and equally a gorgeous sparkly side tiara from Jo Barnes vintage. Priced at just £38, our birdcage veils are a fraction of the high costs of a traditional bridal veil, and in our opinion are much more effective! Why not go for a birdcage veil on your big now!

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