Gold Wedding Hair Accessories

Gold wedding hair accessories are becoming more and more popular, especially for 2012 brides and bridesmaids. Try a gold tone comb, or a gold Grecian inspired tiara or wedding headband. At Vintage Styler, we have a selection of gold bridal accessories, including wedding combs and bridal tiaras and side tiaras. Gold gives a Grecian inspired style to your wedding day look, a style which is still popular this year. We think gold wedding hair accessories are fantastic for a wedding abroad, or a summer wedding. choose something with a muted, antique tone finish for a more casual look. This bridal tiara from Leigh-Anne McCague is a perfect tiara for a Grecian inspired bride, it can be worn flat or standing up in a more traditional style. Finished with gorgeous champagne pearls, this tiara would be ideal to set off either brunette or blonde hair. Gold combs are also perfect to add just a touch of colour and sparkle into your hair style. Silver hair accessories are still as popular as ever, but if it's not for you then check out our gold wedding hair accessories now!

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