Wedding Nails

Bridal Nails Remembering back to my days as a manicurist, I thought I'd take a look at bridal nails, and the importance of your nail style to completely finish off your look! I love nail polish and the look of freshly manicured nails. After all, most of your guests will be looking at your hands at some point over the day, so it's just as essential to choose a nail style to reflect your personality and wedding theme, as it is with all of your other wedding accessories! Go for something like the long lasting GELeration nails by Jessica, they are truly a life saver when it comes to last minute wedding morning, nail chipping stress, and don't cause much damage at all to your natural nail. Plus they look ultra natural so not a sign of fake looking nails to be seen. A few of our favourites: A simple and fashionable nude look. A classic style which can adapt to any theme and really gives a pretty, 'polished' look. Looks stunning with or without a tan too, and will really set off your rings without detracting from them. An old favourite, the classic french manicure - you can't go wrong here! Make sure that the whites aren't too tip-exy white, and that the white section is about a 3rd or less of the whole nail to avoid a cheap looking french manicure. Something a little more sparkly, but definately not tacky or over the top. Adding glitter just to the tips of the nails is a cute update to the classic french manicure, perfect if you are a blingy bride! Make sure to use glitter with small particles rather than large ones to keep the look modern. Colour! Why not go for some colour in your nails, it may be a bit different to the usual but who says there are rules with weddings these days! Match the bridesmaids, flowers, mother of the bride....or just choose your favourite. I must say I am biased here - I did go for a coral-y red on my big day to match the soles of my Louboutins....go for it! If you're an alternative bride or again just want to add a little colour and personality, go for something like this on trend coloured french manicure. This is a gorgeous look to really stand out. A reverse french manicure. A look which I'm personally loving at the minute, and would LOVE to see a version of this on a bride!      Finally, if you're stuck for your something blue..... Hope this has helped a little in choosing your wedding nails style! For now, click here to view the latest pieces in stockat VS to help inspire you!

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