Veil or no veil?

We hear of a lot of brides who are unsure of whether to go for a traditional veil on their big day, or whether to not bother at all. The veil is the ultimate in wedding accessories and we feel that nothing says 'bride' more so than a veil! However if you're not a veil person, there are so many new alternatives out there now which will look just as stunning, and going without a veil is a modern look which allows you to really focus on an amazing dress or a particularly statement piece of jewellery or hairpiece. Its a tough decision, especially as most of you have probably never worn, and never will wear, a veil again in your life, it's hard to place a pouf of netting on top of your head and not feel slightly silly. We've put together some hints and inspiration which we hope will help in your decision! 1. Deciding on a veil The first decision you need to make is whether to go for a veil at all. There are various things to think about which will contribute to this. What is your dress like? Will it suit a veil or does it work better without? The assistants in the dress shop or dress maker should be able to make some recommendations so don't be afraid to pick their brains!   Secondly, what type of wedding will you be having? Now we're not suggesting this should dictate whether or not you wear a veil, however if you are planning a very grand, church or town hall wedding then this would carry off a veil perfectly. A more simple garden party or beach wedding would call for either no veil or something a bit more light and floaty, or a glamorous, black tie evening affair would suit a stand out dress and a super polished up do without a veil. Remember to try not to look too different so go for something which suits your personality and doesn't overpower the look. The key is to ask yourself, "is it me?" Take someone with you who won't be afraid to be brutally honest with you! 2. Choose the style of veil Try on LOTS of veils. Make sure you rule out styles. Sometimes it is easier to pick out the styles you really don't like than picking the ones you do like. Think to yourself, do you want to wear the veil over your face? Do you want people to be able to see the veil from the front? Do you want something more modern and flirty like a short tulle veil, or a classic vintage style birdcage veil? Remember that there are factors which will help to determine this, such as your dress style, hair length and style, face shape etc. A dress with lots of detail at the back would look best with a fine veil which will show the detail through, or a short veil which won't cover it. A simple fitted dress would suit a fuller long veil with some detailing. A gorgeous Spanish style dress can carry off a full veil with lace trimming. Remember your veil and dress must compliment each other. Make sure to look through lots of blogs and magazines for inspiration and collect up the pictures before you go trying on. For something a bit different, why not go for 2 different styles? We love the idea of a fuller veil for the day time, and something a bit shorter for night. Have a look at our range of Lily Bella birdcage veils for inspiration, the mini veil is fabulous for an evening party! 3. Think about your hair style Your hair can determine the veil, or your veil can determine your hair! Think about your hair length, if you hair is quite short avoid large, heavy veils as you want it to stay in! If your hair is mid to long length then you can choose what you like but remember that the heavier the veil, the more structured your hair style needs to be. For example, a loose softly pulled back up do with layers of lace and tulle placed over it makes for one by flat hairstyle by the evening. A heavy veil needs a strong do like a high bun or chignon to hold the weight. You can also wear your hair down if you have a long veil, just ask your hairdresser to make sure there is enough backcombing around the comb of the veil to be able to support it. Make sure to add extra pins to further secure it, and it is absolutely essential to get your hairdresser to show a bridesmaid, mum or guest how it is fastened in and how to remove it if you are planning to take it out after the ceremony or wedding breakfast. 4. Be prepared at your hair trial Remember that wearing your casual clothes for your trial will affect the look and doesn't give you the best idea! I usually recommend brides to wear something in a pale colour with straps that can easily be taken down ( if you are wearing a strapless wedding dress) so you can get a good idea of the look on the day. Wearing a dark polo neck jumper may be practical in winter months but it won't help you to get a good idea of your bridal look when you have your veil on and hair up in a glam do! Remember to take any jewellery you will be wearing on the day with you too. If you don't have your veil, or haven't decided if you will have one on the day of your trial, see if any friends or family would be willing to lend you theirs to try to see how you feel. Don't be afraid to ask your hairdresser for their advice too. Even better still, plan your hair and makeup trial on the day of your dress fitting so you can get the full look. 5. Get used to it! You won't be used to wearing a veil, so if you do decide on one then make sure to wear it around the house when you can. Just like breaking in your wedding shoes or loosening your tiara, wear your veil and really get used to it. You may find that you really love wearing it more than you think, and instead of whipping it out as quick as you can after the day time party, you may wish you had kept it in for the first dance too, or even all night! Something I wish I had done myself! What do you think? A bride wouldnt be a bride without a veil? Or is the veil an overdone tradition which brides shouldn't be afraid or breaking? We love a good debate, let us know what you think!

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