Wedding Hairstyles to suit a Birdcage Veil

Birdcage veils have once again been hugely popular this summer at Vintage Styler, and we don't see the trend slowing down anytime soon! Our vintage inspired birdcage veil range allows brides such a huge amount of choice; from classic, lash skimming french net veils to longer length, full face veils, to flirty dotty and mini styles. Remember to ensure that the dress you are wearing is suited to a birdcage veil, most styles of vintage dresses from 20s to 60's will suit a birdcage, but a more traditional style dress with complicated detail is better suited to a classic bridal veil. Now that we're coming into autumn/winter we expect an increase in popularity for the glamorous diamante trim and pearl trim veils (shown above) which we think would look stunning teamed with a sumptuous ostrich feather or faux fur wrap, and accessorised with a sparkly comb or clip. We're often asked what sort of hairstyle suits a birdcage veil. This often depends on the type of birdcage you have chosen, and also what your hair is like.  We've put together a guide to our range of Lily Bella birdcage veils below to give you a little helping hand. Mini Veil: This veil is very small, and will just about cover your eyebrow. This is best placed to the side of your hair, so make sure you have a side parting rather than a centre parting. This veil can be worn with hair down or up, but we feel that this is better suited to an up style or shorter (or fine) hair, as it is lighter weight and can get lost in masses of curls - you don't want to overpower this veil. Try not to match with too much of a large, statement headpiece, but keep it simple with a subtle comb or a flower headpiece. 60055 Classic Veil: The classic birdcage veil which will cover half of your face. This can be worn on the side or more centrally but remember that this veil will give quite a bit of volume in layers of net at the top. The classic birdcage is a super versatile veil which will sit happily with any hairstyle or hairpiece and balance it nicely. 60066 Longer length veil: This veil will cover all of your face and reach to your collarbones. This is a really stunning veil, but in most instances calls for some hair to show from the front, so keep hair down or loosely back. We would suggest that this veil looks best with mid to long length hair. Dotty veil: A classic birdcage veil detailed with little fur dots for a full on 50's, flirty look. As the shape is classic, it can be worn with any style, but we think that the feel of this veil is perfectly suited to a 50's style up-do with rolls, or for something a little different, a high 50's ponytail would look stunning. Screenshot 2015-04-15 11.47.17 Bandeau birdcage veil: Also called a 'masque' veil, the bandeau sits across the face and clips in at either side of the head. This veil will not create much volume on top of the head, so we would recommend adding a little height into your hair style to balance it (but not 60's style height, this suits a classic veil better) the bandeau veil can be accessorised with any side tiara or comb, with hair up or down. 60076 Shop the full collection of Lily Bella at Vintage Styler Are you going for a birdcage veil for your big day? Do you need any help or advice with how to wear a birdcage or what to wear it with? Please get in touch or leave a comment! x

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