How Technology Is Evolving The Wedding Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over recent years, technology has changed (and continues to change) the wedding industry quite significantly, from the research & planning of a wedding, the clutch bag the bride wears or to documenting the big day. In highlight of this, we've put together an infographic that analyses just how technology has evolved the wedding industry. We've also asked various industry experts for their opinion as to where they see technology and weddings in the next 10 years! how-technology-is-evolving-the-wedding-industry Special thanks to Debbie Carlisle, Peggy Porschen, Propose PR & Boho Weddings for providing their opinion of how they see technology progress in the next 10 years! Feel free to re-publish this however we'd appreciate it if you could attribute us back as the creators. To make it easy for you to share, we've put together the HTML for you to simply copy: how-technology-is-evolving-the-wedding-industryVintage Styler We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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