The Rise of Remote Weddings


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Technology has been making weddings easier every day, can you even remember a time before postcode lookup, when you had to call up great aunts before you got their address for invites? Or a time before internet shopping, when you had to trawl around shops all over the country before you could find a wedding dress and accessories?   Well soon brides will be wondering how they ever lived without the ability to live stream their wedding. It’s a simple process, but it lets you steam live coverage of your big day to anyone you wish – so you’ll no longer have to pay for expensive flights for distant relatives, or feel guilty that your expat friend couldn’t see your tears of joy at the altar. All they need to do now, is simply log on and watch the wedding from the comfort of their own home – best of all, they don’t need to go out and buy an expensive wedding outfit, they can watch it in their PJs for all we know.   You might be thinking it all sounds very expensive, and you don’t really want a full film crew with a satellite at your wedding; but luckily, it’s much more simple than that.   First of all, if you don’t want to worry about it yourself, or numerous guests cannot make the event (perhaps because you’re having your wedding abroad) you can hire a company that will take care of the streaming for you. Businesses like Bridal Stream will send out one of their representatives, who will take care of all the filming and tech. Your guests will then be able to view your wedding on their computer, iPhone or android device, and they’ll even be able to take part in a private chatroom discussion about your wedding with other guests who couldn’t attend!   The only thing you’ll need to ensure is that your wedding venue has wi-fi coverage, as this is how the video will be broadcast. You may also need to ensure your viewers have fast internet too so that they experience the best quality.   Of course, as with all wedding add-ons, there’s a DIY version of live streaming. If one of your guests is prepared to be the videographer, you can use services like Skype, Facetime or even YouTube live stream to capture your big day. Just make sure you have wi-fi coverage and a steady hand.   Of course, video captured on your phone will never be quite as good as that filmed on a professional camera, but it is more convenient. Why not consider sitting someone tech-y on the front row at your wedding with a netbook and high-quality webcam?   Best of all, if you use a service like Skype, you can even check in with your absent friends after the ceremony is over, so they can quiz the happy couple. It’s the ideal option for unwell or elderly relatives too, who would probably be quite heartbroken to miss out. Try sending them some instant wedding pictures from your iPhone too using services like WhatsApp!   This guest post was contributed by Flow Optics.

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