3 Top Male Beauty Tips for Grooms

Grooms: get groomed before your big day and treat yourself to a professional shave Source There’s so much planning that goes into making a wedding day run smoothly without any hitches, and there’s plenty of work that goes into making the bride look perfect for her big day. For a bride, diets start months before the big day and skincare routines are meticulously developed not long after. This comes way before the bride chooses her hair style and make-up, all perfectly finished off to highlight the beautiful built up the perfectly even sun-kissed tan –  to achieve this perfect look try LW medium self-tan lotion which you can find over at http://www.laurensway.com – it’s fab! On the other hand the groom, usually leaves everything to last minute, preparation doesn’t come too far up the list, and most of the time they don’t even consider dieting for the special occasion – talk about not fair? Taking this into account, we decided to put together three really easy to follow tips, to ensure grooms will look the best they can.  You only get one chance at look your very best on your big day and you certainly don’t want to look back on your wedding photos with regret.   1.      Develop a skincare routine to suit you   It not good enough to be thinking about your skin care regime a week before the big day, the last think you, or your bride, want to see is a break out of spots. Build up your regime, if you don’t currently have one, then start now to ensure your skin looks healthy for the big day. You might need to experiment trying all sorts of different products, to find out what works for your skin, and which is the most effective men’ moisturiser for you, as this alone can make a huge difference to your skin. Check out http://www.groomu.co.uk/ this is a great site that has a huge range of innovative grooming products. When it comes to your face, it’s the first thing people see, you may want to consult a professional, and the trained skincare specialists over at GroomU.co.uk will help you to find out what your skins crying out for. To get fresh looking and feeling skin, it’s vital that find what the right products are for you.   2.      Diet and/or a work out to ensure you fit and healthy for the big day   We all know working out is tough going, and you need to get in the right mind set to focus yourself in achieving your goals. Think thin-spiration, when your sweating hard in the gym day in day out, just remember one day you’ll have to show your wedding pictures to your kids – now that will make you stay on the treadmill that little bit longer! After all, you want to look your best and impress your beautiful bride. If you start your workout routine early then you can start slow and build up to a more intense all over body workout. You’ll soon be looking tip top and ready for your big day. 3.      For the big day keep an emergency last-minute kit – for those unexpected skin care disasters   You need to be prepared for any grooming disasters that may occur ahead of your big day including spots and dry skin it’s important that you’re looking your best, so by preparing a few essentials, all packed away in a bag just in case, really can be priceless – that is as long as you don’t forget it! Let’s be honest, would you rather cover a spot up with a touch of concealer or for it to big the first thing people see on your wedding photos. There’s nothing wrong with having a pamper pack in fact you’d be crazy not to.  

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