Vintage Inspired Fashion Designers

Vintage fashion is a term that describes anything over 20 years old, and there’s been a huge resurgence of love for the designs of yesteryear. However, the age of genuine vintage has started to take a toll on the garment and accessory quality, so now many people are instead opting for affordable, modern vintage inspired fashion by designers. Whether you love the opulent, full skirts of the fifties worn with glamorous cocktail jewellery, or the beaded flapper dresses of the twenties worn with embellished clutch bags, we’ve brought together 3 of our favourite vintage inspired fashion designer looks with some Vintage Styler accessories:


Biba Embellished Flapper Dress with Vintage Styler Eleanor Clutch Bag

Biba is undeniably one of the best known designers for focusing on vintage reproductions, and it’s no surprise, as this designer rose to fame in the 60s for producing some of the most iconic looks known to the fashion world. Biba dresses are often doused in beading and so they go beautifully with vintage inspired clutch bags that feature heavy amounts of crystals, beads and art-deco inspired embellishment. The Vintage Styler Eleanor clutch bag is the perfect match for flapper-era fashion, especially as it’s in the perfect art deco colours – dazzling gold and midnight black.


Dior fifties style vintage dress with Vintage Styler Deco Fan Earrings

The fifties is a favourite vintage fashion era, most likely because this is when women wore gowns with nipped in waists and elegant, volumous skirts. It was impossible not to feel glamorous and regal in these gowns, and that’s why many fight feverously to get their hands on genuine fifties vintage. There’s no doubt Christian Dior was the king of fifties fashion; he was the first designer to return to old ways of using huge amounts of fabric in his designs – previously this was frowned upon due to war time austerity. Luckily, you can still find some amazing modern vintage inspired designs from Dior, as the head designers at this famous fashion house still take their inspiration from the original designs. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some modern vintage Dior, then wear it with the most sparkling and elaborate accessories you can find. Try our vintage Crystal Deco Fan Earrings and layer on retro bracelets, necklaces, and cocktail rings! In the fifties, more is more.


Gucci designer 40s style vintage dress with Vintage Styler Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Gucci is a designer house famed for its excellent tailoring, and that’s a factor that was huge in the forties. Ever since the 1910s women had been wearing looser dresses marking the movement on from the corset, but by the forties there had been another change of preference, and women were again seeking out shaping clothes. There was a slight masculine edge to the tailoring too, likely as women were looking for clothing that was slightly more practical as in this wartime era, many women had taken on men’s jobs as the men went away with the army. This didn’t however, mean that women forgot about glamour and elegance; many sought to add a bit of glitter to their outfits with sparkling brooches and pearls; they would have loved this Vintage Styler Pearl Cuff!

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