3 Vintage Designers Who Changed the Fashion World

Nowadays there are so many fashion designers in the world it’s a wonder anyone can remember all the names. Each has a distinct style, and everyone is trying to change the face of fashion with new ideas, so maybe one day in the future they will be the new vintage treasures. For most vintage fashion fans there are a few special designers that really stand out from the rest when it comes to the period prior to the 1990s that we call ‘vintage’. These designers really shook up the conventions of dressing and changed the way women wore clothes forever. Here are three of the most notable.

Paul Poirot


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Paul Poirot was a prolific fashion designer who was most famous around the 1910s period, so his clothes may actually now be classed as antique. He was a Parisian who began his career by selling his beautiful sketches to major design houses, and he proved so popular he was soon able to set up his own fashion house. Many of his designs were influenced by the far-east, and they included turbans, exotic feathers, jewels, Egyptian prints and Japanese kimonos. He was responsible for starting a huge trend for the kimono is western women’s fashion. Sadly he closed the fashion house during the war, and when he returned he found his popularity had been over shadowed by new designers like…

Coco Chanel


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Gabrielle Coco Chanel emerged onto the fashion scene after world war I, and although at first her desire to abolish the women’s corset and dress women in more simple, loose, elegant dresses that were almost boyish in style was unpopular, the trend soon caught on and thousands flocked to obtain one of her infamous ‘little black dresses’. We at Vintage Styler also have Chanel to thank as she popularised costume jewellery, doing away with expensive and flamboyant pieces that could only be afforded by the very rich.

Christian Dior


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After World War II people were living in a time of austerity, and were only just getting used to no longer having to live of rations – then along came Christian Dior, who shocked the world by using yards upon yards of fine fabric in his dresses. The people had never seen such extravagance, but soon they were enchanted by his fairytale gowns. Dior’s designs marked a return to ‘voluptuous’ gowns as opposed to the boxy and boyish shapes that were popular between the 20s and 40s. So which vintage fashion designer do you love the most?

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