Iconic Vintage Engagement Rings

Some women in history stood out and became true vintage icons because they exuded style and glamour in everything they did; and when it came to getting married, they put on a romantic show for all to envy. Vintage Hollywood starlets were showy and extravagant but they did their weddings with a focus on classic design, chic dresses, and of course, vintage engagement and wedding rings that truly dazzled! Here are a few of the most famous.


Audrey Hepburn wasn’t like other Hollywood stars; she didn’t have a taste for huge diamonds and over-the-top style. She was very demure, but like many celebrities she did have a string of marriages and engagements! In 1952 she was due to marry James Hanson, but she called it off after deciding their careers would keep them apart. She was romantically involved with a few of the leading actors in her films, but eventually she met Mel Ferrer at a party hosted by Gregory Peck. They married in 1954, and he proposed with two faceted rings; one in rose-gold, the other in white gold. Sadly, they divorced in 1968, and after another unhappy marriage Hepburn eventually lived out the remainder of her years very happily with Dutch actor Robert Wolders, who was the love of her life.


We all know about the fairy-tale life and marriage of actress Grace Kelly – Whilst traveling in France as the US representative at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, Grace was invited to a photo session at the Palace of Monaco, where Prince Rainier III was residing. When she returned to the USA, they corresponded in secrecy, and later whilst on a tour of the country Prince Rainier stopped by at the Kelly family home and proposed. The marriage happened in 1956, and sadly it meant the end of Grace’s acting career, but she did become a real life princess for the rest of her life, and the current ruler of Monaco, Albert II is her son.

Famously Prince Rainier proposed to grace with a ruby wedding band from Cartier, but after finding other actresses were receiving much bigger rings at the time, he bought her a huge emerald-cut diamond ring from Cartier just a few days later.


Marilyn Monroe was the Hollywood poster girl of the 50s, so it’s no surprise the press followed her various marriages with a close eye. Marilyn had three marriages, and sadly three divorces, to James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. Her second marriage to DiMaggio, who was an American Major League baseball player was during the peak of her career. We don’t know much of her engagement ring, but she married him with a platinum eternity ring set with 35 diamonds. The ring recently went up for auction too, at a guide price of $500,000.

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