8 Most Romantic Vintage Jewellery Boxes

Vintage jewellery is a very precious thing; part of the magic about it is knowing how much you need to treasure it, as it may be delicate, one of a kind or an heirloom. That’s why the most beautiful jewellery often comes with an equally beautiful box, so you can protect your trinkets – but vintage jewellery boxes serve another purpose too, they are also designed as a teasing glimpse of what lies inside, and that’s why some of the most ornate and magnificent jewellery boxes are those that are for engagement rings. Forget the plain velvet box, imagine if you were presented with one of these boxes on your proposal; they do say that the times past were the most romantic eras…


A 1920s style art deco vintage ring deserves an art-deco box, just like this fine metallic case. The inside is lined with velvet, and the inside of the lid shines with matte gold, making this box elegant, but ensuring that it doesn’t detract from the treasure inside.


If your engagement ring is more delicate and perhaps antique, it might deserve to be housed in this ailver case lined with pale pink silk. The glass lid is perfect for showing off particularly precious diamonds.


For those of you fond of a little eclecticness and showiness when it comes to vintage, you might like this antique French engagement ring box. It is gold and designed to look like a carriage, so you can deliver your ring to your loved one in the most extravagant way possible


Dainty 1940s vintage rings will be quite at home in this pearlescent plastic vintage jewellery box – you might initially be put off by the idea of placing your precious ring in a plastic box, but in the 40s and 50s some of the most fashionable and desirable jewellery was made in plastic, and it was made so ornately, as designers had more freedom with this material.


A stunning enamelled vintage jewellery box is perfect for storing your rings on your big day, and it can be used as a trinket box after your wedding too.


This clever contraption opens up to display your ring as grandly as you can imagine, a great idea when you want the ring to be the absolute centre of attention.


A glass jewellery box is ideal for 1950s and 1960s costume jewellery engagement rings, but it’s unlikely to surprise the bride to be, as it reveals everything inside!


Finally, some rings are so exquisite that they deserve an equally marvellous box, if that’s the case, then perhaps you’d like this antique jewellery box with pearl embellishment, trimmings, and silk!

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