5 Most Iconic Vintage Icons of Today

We’ve already introduced you to the vintage icons of yesteryear, but what about the modern-day icons who are embracing vintage style and making it their own? The ladies in this list are inspired by the elegant and timeless appeal of vintage fashion designs, but they still put their own spin on things, with a dainty hint of modern day fashion. Who is your favourite fashion inspiration from this list? Dita Von Teese ditaVT Here’s the obvious one; the queen of modern day burlesque shouldn’t be seen in anything less than her collection of 1940s and 1950s dresses and suits, from major designers like Dior. She mixes her collection of genuine vintage bought from auctions and vintage boutiques with modern day designer pieces. She has a wonderful selection of Philip Treacy hats to compliment her outfits, and more Louboutin shoes than anyone could dream of having. Dita even has her own dedicated corset designer in the form of the famous Mr. Pearl, who makes many of her dresses and show costumes.   Bernie Dexter bernie Bernie is a model who is the modern-day equivalent of Bettie Paige. She works silken ebony hair with a short fringe and a scarlet pout, and she combines her vintage inspired beauty with her own range of 50s style rockabilly dresses. The dresses feature cute, kitsch prints in flattering cuts with fitted bodices, and billowing full skirts – perfect for dancing in!   Florence Welch florence Florence is one of the reasons there was a major resurgence in vintage style in recent years; when she released her first album, her style was instantly picked up on – a mixture of 70s bohemian and 80s inspired glitzy fashion in the form of long chiffon dresses, and short showgirl style playsuits. It was all a heady mix of embellished, beaded, sequined and printed fabrics, often combined with glittering make-up. What’s not to love?   Jane Aldridge janealdridge Jane, the blogger at Sea of Shoes, has established herself as one of the most famous bloggers in the world, and even though designers must be clamoring to send her freebies, she still seems to love a good vintage dress just as much as a new designer piece. If you’re looking for vintage hair inspiration and tutorials too, then we highly recommend reading her blog!   Ulyana Sergeenko ulyana Ulyana is a former model turned fashion designer and photographer – she’s a woman with so much poise and knowledge when it comes to dressing the female figure that she acts like a magnet to photographers at the fashion weeks she attends.  She is married to a Russian insurance billionaire, but she has made her own name in the world with her fashion collection, which was received well across the whole fashion community. She lives the lifestyle she promotes too, with her wardrobe of floor length gowns, sheer puff-sleeve blouses and wardrobe full of couture.

Ask the Bloggers...

On the subject of icons, here's a few of our favourite bloggers (who are vintage icons in the making!) with their thoughts on vintage fashion. We asked; "Who is your vintage style icon, and why?" Harlow from HarlowDarling.com EiffelTowerDress1
"My ultimate vintage style icon is 1950s model Jean Patchett. Her beautiful photographs and the elegance and poise that she exudes are a constant source of inspiration to me. I love to collect photos of her from various magazine editorials and advertisements to inspire me with hair and makeup, and outfits too of course!"
Nora from NoraFinds.com DSCF0005
"My vintage style icon is Elsa Schiaparelli who was once Chanel's biggest competitor. Believing that she was ugly, Schiap also wore the most outrageous fashion and made it her own. She also believes that fashion is a form of art."
Alex from TheFortiesFloozy.com


"I think I would have to say that The Andrews Sisters have been my style icons of late, particularly throughout winter it's so hard to feel glamorous but looking at pics of the ladies in their suits and perfect victory rolls ALWAYS gives me inspiration."

Jess from Lady of Vintage


"I would have to say Rita Hayworth. Her role as Salome in the 'Dance of the Seven Veils' was the reason why I became so obsessed with vintage films and subsequently hair and fashion of the 50's."

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