5 Vintage Trends Still In Fashion Today

It’s hard to find an original idea when it comes to fashion these days; so many designers actually look to the past for inspiration. Vintage style has been affecting current trends for years, and it is becoming so popular that certain trends are recycled every few years when designers get nostalgic. Here are just a few vintage trends you’ve likely seen in the past century as they made a comeback:

Sixties Fashion


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Fashion has an obsession with the highly polished and luxurious styles of the sixties. Most often, you’ll see runway designers copying the outerwear styles from that era, such as trench coats and wool cocoon coats, and they’ll often be paired with pretty, bold, statement sunglasses with cat-eye rims. It’s all best worn with back combed wavy hair and nude lipstick if you’re looking to emulate this trend, and we also recommend accessorising with a cuff bracelet.

Fifties Dresses


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Fifties style is always popular, but it’s the dresses that are especially loved; the styles manage to sneak their way into almost every season! Fifties dresses were characterised by a fitted bodice, often with a sweetheart neckline and halterneck tie. Finally, most fifties dresses had a full circle skirt, often made extra big with several layers of petticoats underneath. Fifties prints like florals and polkadots also often appear in modern trends!

Punk Fashion


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Many of us look back on the 80s with a bit of resentment when it comes to fashion; it’s no surprise really as many of us just have visions of neon spandex and leg warmers (luckily they only made one reappearance in the 90s). However, the punk trend of the 80s was loved, so you’ll regularly see designers experimenting with leather jackets, studs, spikes and doc marten boots!

Wartime Fashion


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The forties are looked upon fondly around the world as many feel proud of how we coped in times of war; regardless of the situation many women still put a lot of effort into their appearance, with victory rolls in their hair and fitted suits worn with ladylike grace. Accessorise with gloves and a sparkling statement necklace for the finishing touch!

Art Deco Fashion


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It was only recently that we experienced a revival of 1920s fashion, because of the movie remake of the famous 1920s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. Designers set about making beautiful gold and black flapper dresses straight away, and we all reminisced and wished we could attend one of Gatsby’s infamous parties!

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