'Erin' Vintage Handmade Bracelet by VS

When we designed this bracelet we took our inspiration from the glimmering gold bead that would become its centrepiece. We’ve sourced it especially as a genuine vintage treasure from the 80s; there are only a few of these stunning beads left in the world, and we’ve managed to source just a few of them to make these exclusive bracelets in a one-off limited edition batch. IMG_0003 It all starts with faceted midnight blue beads; iridescent against shimmering gold, and in its centre, a ribbed bead of decadent, gleaming gold. This bracelet is inspired by the magic and extravagance of the 80s, a vintage era unlike any seen before. The 80s were when the world was changing, and when revolutions were happening, but glamour and romance were never lost. The lady of this era didn’t just dress herself; she adorned herself in rich golden embroidery, shimmering sequins and sumptuous velvet in royal jewel tones. In the era when this treasure was created, it was designed to shimmer daintily from under a sheer batwing sleeve, worn on the wrist of a woman with heavily kholed, smouldering eye make-up and femme-fatale style allure. Imagine flitting through dresses made up of luxurious black velvet and voluminous skirts made of multi-tonal satin, before completing your look with the finishing touch; a cherished piece of jewellery that always draws attention from admirers wherever you go. Untitled   Take your mind back to one of the icons of the era; perhaps Princess Diana with her bold, eye-catching style statements that still maintained an effortless air of elegance; with sharp tailoring, structured shoulders or a royal gown of soft, flowing silk. Her fashion exuded power and confidence without losing femininity and grace. Or maybe you’d wear this bracelet with a Victorian style piped gold military jacket over sheer floral dress, with the same haunting new-romantics style as Kate Bush? However you wear it, the 'Erin' bracelet is sure to become an heirloom.

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