Gorgeous Vintage Headpieces to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Like we’ve said before, no vintage inspired look is truly complete without a classic hat or antique styles headpiece! In the past, there was actually a time where any self-respecting lady wouldn’t leave the house without some sort of headpiece, whether it was a pillbox hat, pretty netted veil, flapper style headband or a magnificent feather fascinator. Just to demonstrate how much vintage ladies loved their hats, we’ve dug up these genuine vintage photographs to show you just how these elegant damsels would carry off a good hat! 8ca8dce51e1a0bd41289f5331551fd94 d0601bb0e4860bb8cf741d48e5c93d40 In the 1920s there was a slightly taboo show called the Ziegfeld Follies, which was a theatrical show that ran between 1907 and 1931. It was based on the Follies Bergere of Paris, and the chorus girls of the Ziegfeld Follies helped push along a lot of trends! Firstly they helped move forward the idea of a looser corset, and that more ‘boyish’ figure of the 1920s, they were also dressed in the beautiful and exciting designs of Etré. The girls were so adored many went on to marry rich admirers, and they still influence fashion today. Just look at the fantastic headpieces these girls wore; they were inspired by exotic travels to the East, and the patterns and prints were reminiscent of Egypt, China, Japan and the Middle East.
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These photos were likely taken of showgirls in the late Victorian era or 1910s, women were less likely to dress outlandishly then, but there were a few bohemians and artists who were quite willing to be crowned with a fine jewelled headdress. These headpieces were befitting for queens! 81b0fd0a9d662ef48b56ce153283b7a6 And finally, above is a photo of the 1940s ballerina called Gene Tierney, who as you can tell, was the perfect example of grace and poise. Her headpiece here is made from white feathers, and it wraps around in the distinctive style of most 1940s hats. It’s topped off with a beautiful wire crown, ideal for any performer. Which era would you love to go back to, just to try on all the headpieces?

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