6 Fashion Bloggers That Inspire Us

We love fashion bloggers! In fact, we're sure we rely on fashion bloggers more than we rely on fashion magazines when it comes to fashion now. After all, these are girls who have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to fashion trends and inspiration. Every fashion blogger has their own unique style, and their creativity is boundless - so if you're looking for someone who will inspire you to take risks with your clothing, and someone who will show you how to put together the perfect outfit, look no further than these ladies: Effie's Make Up Box@effiesmakeupbox 22_thumb2 Flame-haired Heather of Effie's Make-up Box is one blogger you could never call boring. She puts together colourful and exciting outfits in such an effortless way. Read this blog if you're interested in putting together an affordable but totally unique look. Milk Bubble Tea@milkbubbletea10756426616_4c9c891ec3_z It's a dream to ready Becky's blog, Milk Bubble Tea. She's a keen photographer, and so all her photos of her beautiful cozy bedroom and her pretty, ladylike outfits all have an ethereal quality to them. Her yummy recipes are definitely something you should try over a lazy weekend too! Media Marmalade@mediamarmalade IMG_9975 Classic, stylish and chic; three words to sum up the outfit photos on Media Marmalade. If you want some perfect inspiration for a glamorous everyday outfit, look here for the ideal example of British fashion done to a T. Grace and Braver@grcelisabeth me Grace's unique blog makes use of classic GIF images to bring you animated hairstyle tutorials and edgy outfit photos. Her style breaks boundaries and makes excellent use of fashion imported from US stores, so it's likely the first you'll see of some of these styles in the UK. That's Peachy - @tornumber9 PicMonkey Collage0 Tor, Youtube Vlogger and Blogger extraordinaire shows us how to create wearable but eye catching looks that are as practical as they are stylish. She focuses on creating looks that we can all afford, and shops at high street stores, so you can easily get the look yourself! We love her approachable friendly blog and we could spend hours watching her Youtube channel! In the Frow - @inthefrow IMG_2431 Rosy-haired Victoria is a North-West UK personal style blogger who has us hooked. Her polished beauty tutorials, must-watch Youtube videos, and gorgeous outfits mean you could happily spend a good few hours on this blog!  

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