Happy Yorkshire Pudding Day America!

It is Monday, the most coffee fuelled day of the week, but for our friends across the water, today is National Yorkshire Pudding Day! What a day to celebrate! At Vintage Styler we want to join in the celebration of our great British dish and share this smile provoking site - Clutch Bags Replaced with Yorkshire Puddings. We send big love to some of our favourite bloggers and fashion icons with this Monday pick-me-up.   We have to say we think these ladies could definitely pull off a Yorkshire pudding clutch bag , especially Lauren Pope and Charissa Rae. In the following gallery you can have some fun looking at our favourite picks, and if that’s not enough for you, just take a look at Clutch Bags Replaced with Yorkshire Puddings for some more of them.
Danielle Kimberely in the frow
Kavita lydia

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