Bridal Advice: How to wear a side tiara with style

[caption id="attachment_2044" align="aligncenter" width="1150"]26990-2 source[/caption] Side tiaras are one of the most stunning hair adornments you can wear on your wedding day. Classy, elegant and glamorous, side tiaras suit every style of dress. Whether you want a fairytale wedding with sweeping skirts or prefer a more sleek style; side tiaras add that extra touch. Even the range of styles is outstanding - brides are spoilt for choice with beads, lacework, sparkling crystals, pearls and vintage style designs available. It is no surprise that side tiaras have become a favourite accessory of many wedding dress designers.

What is the best way to wear a side tiara?

Knowing how to wear a side tiara needs practice - there is no right or wrong way to wear them. The key to wearing one with style and panache is to experiment and find out what suits you, your dress and your chosen hairstyle and veil.

Get advice

Ask the advice of both your wedding dress retailer and most importantly, your hairdresser. They will help you choose the best one to match your dress and the hairstyles to wear with it.

Hair Trials

When arranging your hair trial, it is a good idea to have a friend there, preferably someone you can trust to give you an honest opinion and who can take lots of photographs of you wearing the side tiara with your chosen style. Seek some more comments from other people - do their opinions match? Out of all this you will recognise which method of wearing a side tiara suits you. Always remember that you are the centre of attention. It is you that all eyes will be on when you walk up the aisle, so you need to position your side tiara so that it looks good from all angles. People looking from behind will see a different view from those at the side, or turning to see you walk towards the altar. Ensure that your side tiara is comfortable and never wear it for the first time on the big day itself! A tight fitting headband can result in a very uncomfortable headache for the rest of the day. Some side tiaras can be gently shaped to your head to ease the pressure behind the ears, or a little bit of cotton wool can be inserted under the band to help if the band cannot be bent.

What side should I wear the side tiara on?

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Side tiaras can be worn on the left or the right. There are no hard and fast rules. What is recommended is that you wear it so that it is positioned on opposite side to any special detail on your dress. So if your left shoulder is left bare, put the tiara on the right. It’s also important to think about which side you will be photographed from and which side your guests will see you from the most when choosing which side to wear the headpiece Consider how it looks against your hairstyle. If you are having a chignon, bun or sweeping side fringe, it is usually better to have the feature on the tiara on the opposite side. If uncertain, have a word with your hairdresser and try out different styles. Bear in mind your own facial features - no one is totally symmetrical and so there can be slight differences which can be accentuated or hidden by the exact placing of your side tiara. Veils can be worn with side tiaras. Try out different types of veils as alternative fabrics can change the appearance of the head dress. Only by experimentation can you see which one looks right for you. A lacy, very fragile looking veil can look stunning with a delicate side tiara, adding an extra sparkle while focusing attention on your face. Practise, photograph, experiment and seek advice. Take your time and choose the most flattering style.

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