Bridal Advice: How to choose a clutch bag to match your dress

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A clutch bag is probably one of the last things a bride thinks about when shopping for the perfect bridal look. An accessory which you normally wouldn’t leave the house without, a bag can be so useful for the big day too, especially if you are not staying over at your venue. A bridal bag can hold your make up and all those little extras you might need on the day, from plasters to painkillers. You don't have to carry the bag around with you all day; it can be passed to a bridesmaid during the ceremony or simply swap your bouquet for a clutch for the evening reception. A stylish box clutch is the perfect accessory for a vintage look, and some brides even decide to substitute their bouquet completely for a stand-out bag. So, how do you choose the perfect clutch from all the styles out there?

Co-ordinating clutches

In some bridal shops you'll find a range of handbags made from the same fabrics as their dress range, and these are made to match perfectly with your gown. However, we recommend that brides avoid going overboard with matching accessories to keep the look more current. Instead, choose a clutch in a colour that complements rather than matches your dress, perhaps going for something in a light blush or pastel shade for a vintage touch. A boldly embellished clutch also makes a statement without going over the top, and often looks great with delicate lace or tulle dresses.


It's tempting for brides to carry around lots of emergency items, but as stylish as the oversized clutch can be, it's not always suitable for wedding attire. Instead, limit yourself to just a few essentials for makeup touch ups, and get some free sample sizes from the make up counter when possible to cut down on clutter. Luckily, even small clutch bags can hold a deceptively large amount of stuff, with the soft fabric bags tending to hold more than the solid designs.


One of the reasons why vintage inspired brides love the clutch bag is the amount of variation and embellishments there is to choose from. A 1920s, art deco inspired bride would suit a geometric box clutch with clean lines and subtle embellishment, or a 50’s influenced bridal look suits a decadent pearl or crystal embellished clutch. Or you can go all out and choose a clutch covered in sequins. When else will you get an excuse to have such a gorgeous accessory? Try a little DIY and find a gorgeous vintage brooch to liven up a plain clutch, and if it's been handed down from a relative then that's your something old covered. Clutch bags are a classic choice for bridal wear as they never really go out of fashion. A small clutch is a practical way of carrying your essentials, as well as adding vintage style to your look.

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