Exclusive Interview with Bridal Designer - Charlotte Balbier

Following the wonderful wedding dress advice that British designer, Charlotte Balbier, gave us for our wedding dress advice guide  We caught up with Charlotte to learn a little more about her, her new collection and her own personal style. [caption id="attachment_2146" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Charlott Balbier Charlotte Balbier[/caption]  You come from a family of designers, with both your  grandparents and mother being designers, How do you think they have influenced your designs?
My grandparents were in the bridal industry and My Mum is award winning bridal designer Amanda Wyatt who is celebrating 20 years at the forefront of British bridal with her own brand Amanda Wyatt.  I was born into a bridal dynasty so to speak!  My grandparents had several bridal boutiques across the U.K and a manufacturing business that supplied independent boutiques both in the U.K and Internationally.  Bridal has been a family business and it still is, even my grandfather still works in the business.  I’d say that I’ve tried my best to have a different look from my mother and grandparents because I wanted to put my own stamp on things!  But what I have been influenced by is their tremendous dedication to their businesses and hard-work ethic.  We’re a family who work hard to achieve our goals.
Where do you start with a new design?
Every dress starts with an inspiration and I’ll explain further on this below!  I’ll always carry a notebook in my handbag to write down any ideas that come to me.  I will sit down and sketch dress ideas before a collection and source fabrics from trade shows.  I’ll then configure the best way to work with our crafted artisans to create our beautiful Charlotte Balbier gowns!
If you If you hadn’t become a bridal designer, what career do you think you would have liked?
I am an absolute dog lover.  My lovely dog Buster is a very loved and spoiled dog.  So it’s more than likely I’d have been involved with dogs somehow so perhaps a vet!
Who are your fashion heroes or inspirations?
I adore Elie Sabb, his Red carpet gowns are simply out of this world. Valentino is my all time favourite and I have huge respect and admiration for Jenny Packham and Vivien Westwood, very different designers but love them both.
How would you describe your own style?
I’m a smart dresser for sure and I love a bit of colour!  I like to invest in classic items and I’m a massive fan of Temperley and Jenny Packham.  I also love to add that little bit extra to an outfit so you’ll often find me wearing something sequin within an outfit or wearing a big statement piece of jewellery.
Do you have a favourite or special accessory?
I love my Chanel handbag I bought years ago.  It’s a classic leather padded black one.  It’s an absolute coveted item that lifts the aesthetic of any outfit your wearing!
What would be your perfect outgoing outfit?
I love a good pair of shoes.  If you follow the Balbier Brides Instagram you’ll often find me taking photographs of my footwear on a night out.  I love wearing smart jackets and tight jeans.  At the moment I am a big fan of everything in Ted Baker!  They’ve got some amazing things in at the moment!
You must attend a lot of weddings, do you have any advice for wedding guests to help make the day perfect?
After planning my last wedding.  My one piece of advice if you have the budget is to hire a wedding planner.  I hired Charley Beard from The London Bride who writes a big bridal blog!  She was super helpful and gave me a number of unheard tips to make it into a fabulous day!
What is the best aspect of a wedding for you?
It has to be the wedding vowels.  No matter how big, small or fancy your wedding is going to be!  It’s what you and your new husband to be have to say to each other that counts!  What myself and Teddy said to each other in front of the whole church was the most meaningful part of my wedding day!  I’m a true romantic!
What can you not leave the house without?
I’ve just treated myself to a lovely new Mercedes Black car.  So for the moment, I’d have to say I hate walking anywhere and leaving without it
A massive thanks to Charlotte for chatting with us and she has even shared some images of her lovely new collection with us: [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2128,2129,2130,2131,2132,2133,2134,2135,2136,2137,2138,2139"]  

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