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At Vintage Styler we have a lot of love for bloggers and vloggers. Being a blogger is a full time job, so we chatted with Lauren McGreevy, writer of lifestyle blog Loud as Love, to get the lowdown on what it is really like and some date advice.

How did you first get into blogging?

I started my first blog over five years ago. I found that it was the easiest way to share my photography with my boyfriend while he was away on holiday. It's a little soppy,  isn't it? I continued posting when he returned and it just went from there really!

How would you describe your blog?

A personal journal with a little bit of everything. I like to blog about fun days out, my future plans, emotional well-being, happy lists, my personal style, baking, my gorgeous moggies, beauty, etc. My blog reminds me of the scrapbooks that I used keep when I was in my teens. 

Do you have a full time job and how do you juggle both?

I do! I guess I never put any pressure on myself concerning my blog. Blogging started as a fun hobby and that's how I'd like it to remain for the foreseeable future. It isn't something that I ever want to feel obligated or pressured into doing because that would take the element of fun that I so dearly love away. It's always nice to indulge in on my day off. I try not to take too much on and only agree to working with brands if I would find the process satisfying and exciting.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My readers, by a clear mile. When I'm having a bad day they are a reliable shoulder to cry on. They leave me the most thoughtful, kind comments and offer some great advice. My favourite thing about blogging is coming home after a long day at work and catching up with my comments and checking out their blogs. I feel very lucky to have them. 

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Not being able to share some of the more personal things that have happened over the last year. I do feel as though there is a line that you shouldn't cross if you want to retain some privacy, no matter how badly you want to lean on the community for support.

What do you see in the future for Loud as Love?

That's a tough question! Hopefully my content will continue to improve. I'm constantly learning new tricks with the camera and researching post-processing techniques. The quality of the photography that I use on my blog is very important to me. I also have a couple of exciting ventures coming up that I can not wait to share in the near future!

How would you describe your own style?

I like to draw my influences from the 50's and 60's. I wear a lot of collars, shifts and bright colours! I love teaming midi skirts and patterned cropped trousers with shirts and pointed flats. Saying that, I tend to buy pieces based on how I feel about them as opposed to whether they would fit into any particular style. 

Do you have a piece of clothing or jewellery that is very special to you?

My mother handed me down a gorgeous, black lace dress that she used to wear over thirty years ago. I haven't worn it but I absolutely will not part with it. My mum is my best friend and it means a lot that she saved it for me! 

You blog about going on day trips with your boyfriend, what date ideas would you recommend?

Jack and I usually keep it very simple. Old jazz music in the dining room over a candle lit dinner of pizza and cheap wine is always a winner! As is going to the cinemas to catch the latest blockbuster hit. Cheap dates aside, we do love to get dressed up and go out to eat for special occasions. During the Spring we like to go hiking in the Peak District or visit the seaside, those things count as dates too, right?

What do you think makes a good date?

Comfortable surroundings and flowing conversation. There's nothing worse than feeling out of place and not knowing what to talk about. 

What would be your perfect date?

Wrapping up warm and heading to York, lunch in one of the many restaurants, hitting the shops and museum, perhaps a boat trip, a look around the Christmas market and a glass of Prosecco in a fancy bar to finish. Bliss!

What would be your perfect outfit for a date?

If we're going out somewhere fancy, I'd probably stick to the trusty old uniform of the LBD, black tights, a pair of heeled booties, glamorous waves and a red lip. I love having an excuse to get dolled up! 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Learn when to say no, because it's impossible to please everyone at the same time and trying to stretch yourself in order to do that never ends well. 

What will you not leave the house without?

My watch! I feel completely lost without it and it bugs me all day if I forget to wear it. 

What tips would you give to anyone thinking of getting into blogging?

Enjoy it, don't get caught up in numbers and statistics! Be thankful and attentive to your readers. Don't expect everything to 'click' all at once, it takes time and effort to build something of substance. Make friends, get involved in blogger chats, spread the love and leave thoughtful comments on the blogs that you love reading. Blogging is fun and you will not regret getting into it. 
Thanks so much to Lauren for giving us some time in her hectic schedule, we loved chatting with her and definitely recommend checking out Loud as Love

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  • I love Lauren’s blog, it’s always such a bright, happy place to visit and her photos are gorgeous too. Great interview :)


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